Technical requirements

For students attending our online courses, make sure that the basic technical requirements are met for a smooth and effective learning experience. Here is a comprehensive list of the basic technical requirements:


Computer Laptop, or Tablet:

A desktop computer, laptop, or tablet (such as an iPad) is recommended. These devices offer a larger screen and more powerful capabilities compared to mobile phones, which may be less ideal due to their smaller screens. Ensure your device is capable of running the latest or recent versions of operating systems such as Windows, macOS, or iOS.


 An integrated or external webcam for video communication. This is essential for participating in live classes and for any interactive sessions.

Microphone and Speakers

Built-in or external microphone and speakers for clear audio communication. Headphones or a headset with a built-in microphone are recommended to reduce background noise and echo.


Web Browser

A recent version of a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge for accessing course materials and links provided by the language center.

Internet Connection

Stable Internet Connection

A reliable broadband internet connection. Higher speeds may be required for higher video quality.


Pre-Course Checklist

1. Test your internet connection speed.
2. Ensure your device’s operating system and all required software are up to date.
3. Check your audio and video components to confirm they’re working properly.
4. Familiarize yourself with Zoom and any other platforms or software you’ll be using.
5. Have a quiet, well-lit space designated for attending your online course.

Meeting these basic technical requirements will help ensure that you can participate fully in your online language course, making the learning process both effective and enjoyable.


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